I'm Cristian, a graphic design undergrad from Rochester Institute of Technology. Right now, I'm pursuing an MFA in Visual Communication Design!
I'm interested in solving problems through design with its own story to tell. I see each problem has its unique world that inundates my curiosity to explore. I have a good time living in a collaborative atmosphere. There's something about sharing ideas that sounds simple or uniquely executed. Sometimes, a design problem requires a little teamwork creative effort.
Outside of work, I am a huge music fanatic. Besides owning a vinyl collection and a fancy Crosley record player, I'm always hunting for tracks daily. I'm open to every genre but most of the time you'll find me on a Final Fantasy soundtrack, rock or electronic. I hope for the opportunity to work with Kayzo or create a new festival one of these days. Other hobbies include relaxing through games, illustration or news reading with a coffee in hand; iced coffee more specifically; black coffee makes my stomach sing latin.
Currently looking for opportunities in Rochester, New York City, Chicago, Baltimore, Denver, Seattle, Los Angeles, or Cincinnati. I'm available for full time, internships & remote work! I love working on brand identity, packaging design, & art direction.

Let's make something happen!
Email me at
or call me at (224) 637-5108.