Skål in Danish-Norwegian language means to "cheers" or making a toast. This goes back to Old Norwegian tradition where people celebrated by feasting, sharing a bowl of mead. 
Skål honors the Norse Mythology by depicting the deities as powerful beings who the Norsemen & Vikings respected. They embraced their devotions through feasts, thanking the divine beings for their guidance.
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Can Labels
Fenrir–Red Pale Ale
Fenrir is a wolf Jotunn who embodies the emotion of pure hate and rage. Being imprisoned by the Aesir gods out of fear has filled his heart with hatred that not a single ounce of mercy is shown. His anger is reflected in our Red Pale Ale, sour & wild.
Mimir–Gold Mead
Mimir is a wise entity who serves as an advisor to Odin in times of struggle. His vast wealth of knowledge & wisdom inspired the creation of mead derived from honey.
Skadi–Cold Lager
Skadi is a Jotunn & goddess of the wilderness. She's an avid huntress who hunts deep in the mountains where the winter never fades. Lager is fermented in low temperature, as cold as her heart and skin.
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