Welcome Home
A fictional title sequence as part of my motion graphics project. My goal for this animation was to create an ominous atmosphere while creating tension throughout out the video.
Behind the Scenes
Infectious Winter Moodboard
Parasitism was one of my inspiration I wanted to include in my process. I was fascinated by the process of how parasites infects a hosts and its behavior. Integrated with a cold, dark winter atmosphere, I believed would make an interesting concept of a horror style sequence. 
Some of 3D assets used in the sequence. I explored with spline tools to push the parasitism idea.
Style Frame Directions
Black & White
Noire setting with grunge effects, shaking camera and spotlight.
Desaturated cool palette accompanied with text "growing in".
"The Thing"
White silhouette within a grunge, cold background with shaking camera effects works with to create the ominous tones.

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