Duration: Four Weeks
Team Members: Deztiny Di Meo, Amanda Stopper, Lena Ohara, Morsal Sahar, & Tahmir Payne
Clients: Chase Design, Precision Botanical
The Challenge 
Redesign a collection of CBD products by Precision Botanical that will increase awareness, desirability, ease of use, & value through Branding, Packaging (both primary & secondary) & Merchandising. 
Precision Botanical is a young start-up company that just entered the CBD Industry in 2019 after recognizing an opportunity to stand out with their products that was more pure & superior to their competitors.
I teamed up with five students to re-develop a CBD brand & their products to help stand out among their competitors. Under a four-week period, I was responsible for research, concept development, brand identity, & packaging labels including primary & secondary.
Precision Botanical ensures their product is 99% pure, THC-free & known for their most rigorous testing in the fastest growing CBD industry. They are looking to stand out from their competitors with their three products: Sleep, Calm & Soothe. We researched in-depth about the brand, background on the CBD market, & conducted store audits to identify opportunities & threats.
Store Audits
We explored available stores that sold CBD products to analyze how they were treated. Places we visited were CBD specialization, groceries & pharmacies. 
We discovered stores such as Wegmans & Lorie's Natural Foods enclosed products behind glass displays & carried restricted guidelines. The products were close too each other that it was difficult to distinguish the brands. The overall experience was uncomfortable & unwelcoming for someone who is buying CBD for the first time.
Observing the product display
Observing the product display
Interacting with the staff
Interacting with the staff
The experience of visiting a specialization store like END CBD Supply was the complete opposite. The environment of the store was very minimal but clean & provided a sample section for curious consumers. The products had a lot of spacing to stand out from others. The staff we interacted was welcoming, supportive & provided us insights of the trends that was happening in the CBD industry.
CBD Industry
To grasp a better understanding of the topic, we researched in-depth about the trends happening in the industry. We discovered:
• The market value is expected to be worth $646 million in 2022.
• There is a lack of regulation & transparency. Its cheaper business to import CBD oils from foreign countries, which can severely affect quality control & difficult for the FDA to keep track.
• CBD brands uses third-party testing labs to test their products. However, some of the labs are subjected to improper labeling & dishonesty, so the claims of the products's effectiveness are suspicious.
• There are a lot of products that use cannabis graphics on their packages, which can offset the consumers & feel hesitant.
• Consumers are looking for products that are purely organic. They're interested in a sample before making a decision with their wallet.

• Young consumers between 20s & mid-30s look for CBD products that will help ease their anxiety & stress. Old consumers are looking to use it for chronic pain.
Our Team Objective
Create a direction for the three products that would be transparent while having a premium & organic tone using iconography. It will also bring more interest to consumers looking to use CBD for the first time. 
I was responsible for the branding through the logo & typography. I wanted to create a direction that would give an organic element while maintaining simplicity & premium.
Mark & Typography
Color Systems
Purple Sleep
Purple Sleep
Teal Soothe
Teal Soothe
Blue Calm
Blue Calm
Primary Packaging Labels
Secondary Packaging Layouts
Sleep Packaging Outside & Inside.
Calm Packaging Outside & Inside.
Soothe Packaging Outside & Inside.
In our research, we discovered CBD products are extracted & made differently that falls on certain spectrums. Broad Spectrum, Full Spectrum & CBD Isolate are the most common types in the market. 
CBD Isolates are products that contain pure CBD extracts; this means compounds including THC are completely removed. To reflect the brand's commitment to purity, we addressed it in labels that will also function as a tamper evident seal.
The Result
For retail stores merchandising, we believed our products should stand out from competitors on the shelves so we included a hexagon tab that would grab the consumer's attention. We have the primary products on top of the display so consumers would know what they're exactly seeing before making a purchase.
For CBD specialized stores, we saw an opportunity to give the products more room to breathe, make it personal to the consumers, & perform trials. This design would allow consumers to interact with the products, try samples & make a final decision.
Special thanks to the team who worked hard on this. Also thanks to Lorrie Frear & Chase Design for their invaluable insights!
Early conceptual development of Precision Botanical signature. This was based on the idea of making the brand feels "handmade" or "crafted" while integrating botanical illustration.
Early testings of our prototypes. Multiple trial & errors of specifications, typography & colors were conducted to determine the best solution for our given bottles.

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